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Welcome! I am so excited to make you all your candles. 

These candles are made from 100% sulfate and paraben free custom soy & coconut wax blend, ethically sourced wooden wicks, lush phthalate-free fragrance oils, all poured into glass vessels at an approachable price. Burning time will be 90+ hours. 

Candles are the perfect combination of art & science. ​I've been making candles for years, tinkering with each creative decision that would meet my own standards, but weren't going to cost as much as the dress in the photo above...


Over many batches, I've customized the combinations of waxes, the wicks (width, size, crackle!), the fragrance (so important to be layered, but not sickening!), the percentage of fragrance oil, the time it is spun with wax, the temperatures in which the candles are both poured and cooled, and many other elements to ensure they are perfect. I love combining this science with a simple design that will fit in any room in your home and fill it with hygge. I hope you enjoy!

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