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Candle Science 


Many candles are made with cotton wicks. Why did I initially choose wooden wicks? Because they crackle! But also:

  • no "mushrooming" or cause "soot" when burning

  • FSC approved (made from fruits trees from Forest Stewardship council certified mills)

  • toxin and lead free

  • typically burn slower than cotton wicks

  • and, to me, they create a much softer "hygge"


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You're not alone! But do not fret, this is a feature of all natural soy-wax!

Rough, bumpy tops, or frosting, occurs when the hot wax cools and solidifies. It does not affect the scent of the wax or the "performance" of the candle, but it may look a little funky at times. Often other companies may advertise smooth tops, but to do so, they are using a preservative often with sulfates and parabens. So, think of the frosting as a sign of sweetness - the soy being in a more natural element :)


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Updated: May 5, 2021

These candles are made with ethically sourced wooden wicks that crackle when lit. Read below for tips on keeping their flames alive...

Burn for 1-2 hours at first light to ensure an even burn

Tunneling is when the candle begins to form at hole in the around the wicks, and wax on the edges isn't utilize. This can happen with any candle. These candles do come with two wicks ensure an even burn, but even so, tunneling can occur. Burning for a long first light, around 1-2 hours, will help to avoid tunneling easily!

Break off dark wood before each light to ensure the candle stays lit

Think of your candle as a little fireplace - dead wood won't stay lit! So, break off the dark wood/old debris from your wick to ensure the flame is well fed.

Enjoy! Once you burn these, you'll love the subtle flame they give off - ultimate hygge :)

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